30 Billion

projected additive manufacturing market by 2022


compound annual market growth rate, 2015 to 2020

6.7 Million

3D printers estimated to ship in 2018

3D printing companies will thrive when they build believable, respectable brands that are hyper-focused on solving specific business challenges. When they can quantify how they will improve customer workflow, industry will listen.

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A worldwide revolution in manufacturing

When it comes to 3D Printer marketing, North America still dominates the 3D printing industry with 43% of the world’s business, Europe is expected to become the largest world market this year, with the Asian market also growing rapidly. Now more than ever, innovative additive manufacturing brands need to think, act and market globally. 

While the pendulum has swung hard back and forth in the consumer 3D printing market, the industrial market quietly continues to account for much of the overall growth in 3D printing. Price, speed and novelty remain the name of the game in the consumer market (a search for “affordable 3D printers” returns machines for as low as $159.99) — but industry has other priorities.

As industry rapidly adopts additive manufacturing technology, the 3D printer market has pivoted to hyper-specialized, industrial B2B applications. Industries need to know how 3D printing will complement their existing ecosystem — dependably and profitably. When 3D printer brands can quantify how they will improve workflow, industry will listen.

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3D printing is not only benefiting traditionally technology-forward industries like medical and aerospace. It’s also revolutionizing fields that have remained largely unchanged for centuries, like jewelry and investment casting.

More than print speed, industry cares about overall production speed

When 3D printer brands position their product not as a be-all, end-all, but as a critical part of an overall production process, their message hits home with industry. The dirty little secret about 3D printing for investment casting with metal, for example, is that 70% of the cost is tied up in pre- and post-processing. The price and speed of 3D printers is less critical than how it will increase efficiency of the rapid prototyping and short-run manufacturing process overall.

Innovative 3D printer brands need to speak effectively to each player in the sales cycle

Like many innovative technology companies, additive manufacturing brands are good at talking tech to techies. But to make real inroads in the industrial space, you need to go beyond techies. You must prove how your product will be a sound investment to procurement. And you need to demonstrate to the C-Suite how your 3D printing technology will improve their brand and deliver long-term value.

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Innovative 3D printer brands will succeed not by being all things to all industries, but by doing one thing for one audience better than any other machine.

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Make your lead-gen landing page less lame

Six things you can do right now to get more qualified leads from your landing pages

Qualified leads are gold for any industry. For hyper-specialized B2B 3DP brands, keeping your pipeline full of prospects can mean the difference between crushing your sales goals and scrambling to make your numbers. You can generate qualified leads in a number of ways: referral marketing, tradeshows, direct Read the full article…

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