A little design thinking goes a long way

A little design thinking goes a long way


Scout is an emerging technology company that offers bulletproof, find-problems-before-they-become-REAL-problems monitoring for applications and servers. It’s also a new client of Toolbox. Needless to say, we’re fans.

Scout enlisted Toolbox to give its brand an unforgettable punch of a presence in a (let’s be honest) kind of bland competitive marketplace. After discovering that nearly all tech companies utilize a blue color scheme, we chose a palette of vibrant hues to immediately differentiate Scout from the pack. We then went about designing a website that would explain its complex offerings, establish expertise and be a fun, interactive destination for potential clients.



Illustrating personality

The site was a hit, both with Scout and its customers. A big reason for that success? We peppered the site with custom illustrations that not only describe what Scout does, they showcase who Scout is — its unique personality. From the happy hipster who doesn’t have to worry about the functionality of his app thanks to Scout to the friendly icons that demonstrate specific deliverables, every illustration has a story to tell.

Some of them have even created stories of their own.

Flattery will get you everywhere

Included in our arsenal of Scout illustrations are client caricatures to accompany testimonial statements. The goals of these were to give the testimonials visual interest, match the look and feel of the site as a whole, and show some love to Scout clients.


One Scout client in particular, Drew Blas from Chargify, really felt the love. Upon discovering Drew’s caricature on the Scout site, a Chargify staffer immediately converted it to a custom emoji and sent it around the office. The emoji conversation thread eventually made it back to Scout co-founder Derek Haynes, who shared a good laugh with Drew.

That one illustration really pulled its weight — conversation starter, relationship builder and brand buzz-maker.

Including client caricatures is a strategy we’ve used to great effect for our own marketing efforts. Toolbox created a customized mailing for potential 3D printer clients that included an illustration of each recipient right on the mailing label. The mailings have resulted in a whopping 35 percent response rate.


Design thinking

A small detail like a client caricature can have a huge impact on a brand. We call it design thinking — a process that includes collaborative brainstorming, creative problem solving, solution-based strategies and an eye for stunning graphic design. Our clients (and their clients, like Scout customer Chargify) simply call it effective.