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Sales and marketing alignment for agribusiness

Sales and marketing alignment for agtech

Three things your agribusiness can do right now to shorten the sales cycle  

In many traditional B2B agribusiness companies, the sales and marketing divisions are just that: divisions. Each has their role to play, and the two rarely collaborate. Both tell their version of your brand story, often using different language, imagery and data points. Your marketing team might think of Read the full article…

Women in agtech, women in agribusiness, women in precision agriculture

Women in agtech

Closing the gender gap in a rapidly changing industry

Agribusiness is rapidly changing, and women in agtech are a significant part of that change. Agriculture has always had one foot firmly planted in tradition and one foot marching toward innovation. Agtech and precision agriculture can only reach their full potential when women have an equitable seat at the table. As farming becomes Read the full article…

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How Innovative AgTech brands will change the world in 10 years

5 things innovative AgTech brands will need to succeed

The history of agriculture is the history of agricultural technology. While GPS and drones have been farming tools for only a handful of years, farmers have had to rely on the best available technology for thousands of years.

World population is expected to reach 5 billion by 2030. That’s a lot Read the full article…