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Sales and marketing alignment

by Tom CampbellSales and Marketing alignment | Toolbox Creative | Brand Design | Fort Collins, Colorado

It’s all about the brand

One of the things I love most about my job is how our clients let us get all up in their business and observe the inner workings of their company. As a Technology Branding firm converting tech talk into brand love, we can’t tell our client’s brand story unless we’re able to dig deep, Read the full article…

I got 99 design problems

by Tom Campbell

… but spec work ain’t one

A long-time client recently told us they used a speculative crowdsourcing website for a design project. The conversation that followed was candid, revealing and inspired us to publish our thoughts on the matter. 

Ask any graphic designer, and they’ll rattle off the 99 problems they have with spec work. However, it was refreshing to hear Read the full article…

Davetech vs. Goliacorp

by Tom Campbellbranding for innovative technology companies | Toolbox Creative | Fort Collins, Colorado

How Brand Engineering helps innovative technology companies take on the big guys

When it comes to branding for second-stage innovative technology companies, there typically exists a David and Goliath-type situation. Your big idea is better than the dominant players in the space. You have a highly specialized, superior solution, but you have quite a tall task in taking Read the full article…

Why do engineers hate marketers …

by Tom Campbellwhy do engineers hate marketing?

… when all we really want is to be loved?

It’s true. Most brand consultants and marketers are classic creative types — and a core need of the creative type is to be loved. Engineers, on the other hand, are trained to look for what’s wrong and validate work empirically. On the surface, engineers and creatives seem like polar opposites, Read the full article…

Make a name for yourself

by Tom CampbellToolbox Creative Naming

9 tips for coming up with a name that doesn’t suck

What’s in a name? That’s a complicated question. Would a well-loved brand by any other name not be as sweet? Some very successful brands are built atop boring, bad or poorly-thought-out names — suggesting that a name is not everything. It’s not. However, a name does serve as the verbal and visual Read the full article…

Is your branding & marketing working?

by Tom CampbellBranding ROI | Toolbox Creative | Fort Collins, Colorado

When you spend money on branding, how much can you expect in return?

First things first — there’s a distinct difference between branding and marketing. David Ogilvy famously defined a brand as “the intangible sum of a product’s attributes: its name, packaging and price, its history, its reputation and the way it’s advertised.” More recently, the definition has been expanded Read the full article…

The 3DP Pivot

by Tom Campbellsurviving the 3D Printapocalypse: the 3DP Pivot

How smaller 3D printing brands are shifting to thrive in the industrial market

As the 3D printing (3DP) industry enters the home stretch of 2016, the market is stronger than ever. This in spite of well publicized failures in the over-hyped and relatively small consumer segment. While talk of a “3D Printapocalypse” is nothing more than alarmist hyperbole from the Read the full article…

Influencer Marketing

by Tom CampbellInfluencer marketing, toolbox creative, Fort Collins, Colorado

It’s not a silver bullet, but it could be a golden opportunity

Word of mouth marketing. Social media marketing. Search engine marketing. Direct marketing. Guerrilla marketing. Content marketing. Remarketing. Ferret marketing. Okay, we made that last one up, but you get the picture. With 372 different kinds of marketing out there, is there room for one more? Depends. A less overwhelming way Read the full article…

Hype killed the 3D printer

by Tom Campbellthe death of the 3D Printer is an exaggeration, 3D printer branding, marketing, toolbox creative

Hyper-specialization brought it back

A recent article in Inc. heralded the death of the 3D printer. Should I grab a shovel and bury my $2,500 3D printer next to my Segway and my VR headset? Probably. Does that mean the 3D printer industry is dead? Surprisingly, no. Sure, Read the full article…

How Innovative AgTech brands will change the world in 10 years

by Tom CampbellBranding for innovative AgTech companies, precision agriculture marketing, toolbox creative, fort collins, colorado

5 things innovative AgTech brands will need to succeed

The history of agriculture is the history of agricultural technology. While GPS and drones have been farming tools for only a handful of years, farmers have had to rely on the best available technology for thousands of years.

World population is expected to reach 5 billion by 2030. That’s a lot Read the full article…