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Mapping the buyer journey

Part 3: Sales and marketing alignment for B2B 3D printing brands

In part 2, long-shot, convertible and available customers, we covered the three types of customers in the marketplace. For the third installment of our exploration into how innovative B2B 3D printer brands are putting sales and marketing alignment to use, we’ll dive into the process of mapping out your buyer Read the full article…

Women in Technology

Women in Tech

Shining a light, leading the way

 — by Dawn Putney, President & CEO | Toolbox Creative

Tech industries are innovative by nature, by necessity. The tech innovation I’m most passionate about is the movement to educate, empower and advance girls and women in tech industries. The Toolbox team and I are dedicated to initiatives that advance women in each of our areas of Read the full article…

Long-shot, convertible and available customers

Part 2: Sales and marketing alignment for B2B 3D printing brands

In part 1, influencers and validators and deciders, oh my, we covered the three distinct players in the buying cycle. For the second installment in our series on how innovative B2B 3D printer brands are benefitting from sales and marketing alignment, we’ll explore the three types of customers in Read the full article…

Influencers and Validators and Deciders, Oh My

Part 1: Sales and marketing alignment for B2B 3D printing brands 

For the first in our series on how innovative B2B 3D printer brands are benefiting from sales and marketing alignment, we’ll start with the three distinct players involved in making a buying decision.

If your marketing and sales efforts, individually and collectively, don’t make a meaningful connection with each player in Read the full article…

Graphic design in 25 years

So you want to be a graphic designer in 2043?

The next 25 years in graphic design through the lens of the last 25

25 years ago — in 1993 — I’m a junior majoring in graphic design at the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, 7 miles from my family home. Pet Shop Boys and the Artist Formerly Known as Prince {  O(+>  } provide the soundtrack as Read the full article…

Technology marketing, Brand Engineering: Brand design strategy for stage 2 tech companies

Building Brand Love

This is how we do it …

Toolbox Creative is a B2B Brand Engineering firm, helping the Ag Tech3D PrintingClean Tech and Software industries change the world. We distill complex technologies into powerful identity systems, websites and marketing tactics that build brand love and align sales and marketing efforts.

That’s us. That’s our two-sentence brand positioning statement that Read the full article…

How to find the best offset printer

If the printer likes you, you’re a wuss

“If the printer likes you, you’re a wuss.”

— Joe Scorsone 

How to get the best offset printing  

Throughout my career in graphic design, I’ve been fortunate to have some great mentors — folks who selflessly shared what they learned over decades-long careers in the business. This fall, I got to see two of my earliest and Read the full article…

What is a Customer Advisory Board

The customer advisory board

Driving innovation with customer input  

Dawn and I wrapped up 2017 in style in sunny San Diego attending the Inside 3D Printing conference. We caught up with old friends, met some cool new people and returned home inspired and excited for the future of the 3D printing industry. 

In addition to learning about ever-cheaper, faster and better Read the full article…

Simple corporate identity / simple logo design

The value of simplicity

The simple logo’s complex conundrum  

We are living in the golden age of simple brand design. Look no further than the apps screen on your iPhone for proof. Despite the ubiquity of marketing platforms, brands have relatively less time and less space than ever to make an impression. That impression needs to be direct, digestible and memorable. Recent rebrands of Read the full article…

Don’t be a dictator

{Volume 1, Issue 4}


In part three of our Drive Your Brand series, the Brand Decider, we examined the role of the decider and the subtle but significant difference between inclusiveness and democracy when leading the brand development process with your internal team.

For this fourth installment, we’ll cross over to the topic of working with the Read the full article…