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Sales and marketing alignment for agribusiness

Sales and marketing alignment for agtech

Three things your agribusiness can do right now to shorten the sales cycle  

In many traditional B2B agribusiness companies, the sales and marketing divisions are just that: divisions. Each has their role to play, and the two rarely collaborate. Both tell their version of your brand story, often using different language, imagery and data points. Your marketing team might think of Read the full article…

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taking market share from the big guys

How hyper-specialized additive manufacturing brands can compete  

In our last article, educate, inspire, reassure, we covered the three distinct functions your marketing and sales efforts need to perform and the ideal touchpoints to accomplish each function. For our seventh installment in our series on sales and marketing alignment for B2B 3D printer brands, we’ll explore how hyper-specialized additive manufacturing brands Read the full article…

Marketing for 3D Printer Brands | Educate Inspire Reassure

Educate, inspire, reassure

Three essential functions for 3DP marketing and sales  

In our last article, the power of positioning, we walked through the steps you can take to develop, discuss and document your brand positioning. For the sixth installment in our series on sales and marketing alignment for innovative B2B 3D printer brands, we’ll cover the three distinct functions that your marketing and sales Read the full article…

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The power of positioning

How positioning establishes the foundation for sales and marketing   

In our article, the benefit of sales and marketing alignment, we explored the ROI of aligning your marketing and sales departments. For the fifth installment in our series, we’ll dive into the power of positioning. A critical piece of your brand strategy, a well-developed and documented brand position will serve Read the full article…

The benefit of sales and marketing alignment

Sales and marketing alignment shortens the buying cycle  

In an earlier article, mapping the buyer journey, we dove into the process innovative 3D printer brands can follow to document their customers’ path to purchase. For the fourth installment in our series, we’ll uncover the full value of sales and marketing alignment.

When your marketing and sales folks step out of their Read the full article…

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Mapping the buyer journey

Plotting your customer’s path to purchase

In a previous article, long-shot, convertible and available customers, we covered the three types of customers in the marketplace. For the third installment of our exploration into how innovative B2B 3D printer brands are putting sales and marketing alignment to use, we’ll dive into the process of mapping out your buyer journey. Most technology companies Read the full article…

Long-shot, convertible and available customers

Three types of customers: long-shot, convertible and available

In our first article on B3B marketing for additive manufacturing companies, influencers and validators and deciders, oh my, we covered the three distinct players in the buying cycle. For the second installment in our series on how innovative B2B 3D printer brands are benefitting from sales and marketing alignment, we’ll explore the Read the full article…

Influencers and Validators and Deciders, Oh My

Making meaningful connections along the path to sales 

For the first in our series on how innovative B2B 3D printer brands are benefiting from sales and marketing alignment, we’ll start with the three distinct players involved in making a buying decision.

If your marketing and sales efforts, individually and collectively, don’t make a meaningful connection with each player in the sales cycle, Read the full article…

Women in Technology

Women in Tech

Shining a light, leading the way

 — by Dawn Putney, President & CEO | Toolbox Creative

Tech industries are innovative by nature, by necessity. The tech innovation I’m most passionate about is the movement to educate, empower and advance girls and women in tech industries. The Toolbox team and I are dedicated to initiatives that advance women in each of our areas of Read the full article…

Graphic design in 25 years

So you want to be a graphic designer in 2043?

The next 25 years in graphic design through the lens of the last 25

25 years ago — in 1993 — I’m a junior majoring in graphic design at the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, 7 miles from my family home. Pet Shop Boys and the Artist Formerly Known as Prince {  O(+>  } provide the soundtrack as Read the full article…