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by Tom CampbellDebranding. Really, that's what we're talking about?

Huh, so that’s a thing?

I love words: old ones, fancy ones, new ones, British-sounding ones like firmament and whilst. I hate only a handful of words: resiliency, o’er, optics and some more I won’t mention. Good, bad or fugly—I always enjoy learning a new word.

Recently, while visiting a Denver-area location of our favorite local burrito joint, a curious new word caught my Read the full article…

Holiday greetings!

by Tom Campbell

We’re in love with Christmas cards and we don’t care who knows it

As Christmas 2015 fast approaches, we reflect on the past year, and we’re thankful for all the fun projects we get to work on. One of our favorite client requests is for really cool holiday cards.

Great Christmas cards are great for business

There’s passive marketing and there’s Read the full article…

They hit us with their best shots

by Lulu Tupper

We’ve never looked better

Team Toolbox has been working hard on our new website for months now. When the rubber really hit the road, when it was time to show ourselves and our work in the best light, there was only one company to call: Harper Point Photography

Harper Point has been our partner in crime for years now, for good Read the full article…

How to make a logo

by Dawn Putney

I was only half joking when I googled “How to Make a Logo”. And only a little surprised when the top search returns were:

The “Make It Now” Logo – Make A Free Logo In 8 Minutes‎ FREE Logo Maker – FREE Logo Creator – FREE Online Logo Design Create a Logo Without Photoshop – FREE! – YouTube How to Create Read the full article…