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Women in agtech, women in agribusiness, women in precision agriculture

Women in agtech

Closing the gender gap in a rapidly changing industry

Agribusiness is rapidly changing, and women in agtech are a significant part of that change. Agriculture has always had one foot firmly planted in tradition and one foot marching toward innovation. Agtech and precision agriculture can only reach their full potential when women have an equitable seat at the table. As farming becomes Read the full article…

Women in Technology

Women in Tech

Shining a light, leading the way

 — by Dawn Putney, President & CEO | Toolbox Creative

Tech industries are innovative by nature, by necessity. The tech innovation I’m most passionate about is the movement to educate, empower and advance girls and women in tech industries. The Toolbox team and I are dedicated to initiatives that advance women in each of our areas of Read the full article…