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Ava Ringerud

Project Manager, Biz Dev & Data Diva

Ava’s organizational prowess manifested early in life, when she came home from trick-or-treating and promptly made a spreadsheet of her spoils, categorized by type of candy, size and (most importantly) taste. She’s been a List Master ever since. With an outgoing personality to match her analytical mind, Ava’s natural talents led her to earning a B.A. in hospitality management from Metro State University. There’s nothing she enjoys more than interacting with people, meeting them where they are, and expanding their minds and palates (or palettes, in the case of her Toolbox work).


Ava deploys her planning skills and hospitality mindset to maximum effect for the Toolbox A-Team, reaching out to leads and bringing new clients into the fold, then digging deep into onboarding research. She’s the gatekeeper and the welcome wagon. The bridge between hello and let’s go. When Ava’s not Toolboxing, you’ll find her in Denver putting her encyclopedic beer knowledge to work at First Draft, walking her dog (briskly) and cat (more circuitously) around the neighborhood, and connecting with family across the country.

Passion Project

Personally meaningful, skillfully rendered tattoos: Ava is always looking for her next piece of art. Her current fave? The one of her nephew’s name in her brother’s handwriting.

Spiritual Cheerleader
Funkmeister General
Account Ally and Wordsmith
Bean Master
Type Whisperer
Magic Maker
Ava Ringerud Biz Dev & Data Diva Toolbox Creative
Project Manager, Biz Dev & Data Diva
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Head of Schmoozing
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