Carlotta Herzog

Pixel Wrangler

Born in south Texas to German parents, Carlotta spent her formative years between the U.S. and Germany. One of those weird homeschooled kids, she had a lot of free time to dedicate to artistic pursuits. As a teenager, back when blogs were the preferred medium of self-expression, blogging introduced her to design as a way to combine her passions for photography and writing into something cohesive and exciting. She fell in love. Fast forward a couple floundering years of having her own photography business, being a documentary photographer in East Africa, half completing a German degree and some freelance design work, and Carlotta earned a bachelor’s degree in graphic design from the University of Northern Colorado. Now she finds herself part of the wild world of Toolbox, where she gets to learn from—and work with—the best of the best.


Carlotta’s main role at Toolbox is as a designer, but she likes to keep her life spicy with variety — brainstorming copy, building brand guides, putting her photographer’s eye to work, and researching and promoting gender equity. Carlotta is up for any challenge.

Passion Project

Getting lost in the great outdoors with her husband and pup, renovating her historic 1912 home, spending time with family, baking sourdough bread, making film photographs along the way

Spiritual Cheerleader
Funkmeister General
Account Ally and Wordsmith
Bean Master
Design Conquistador
Communication Catalyst
Expectations Engineer
Pixel Wrangler
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