Cleo Masia

Design Sherpa

From a young age, Cleo knew what she wanted to be when she grew up. She knew if she worked hard, her dream of becoming a dog masseuse would come true. At the age of 11 she learned that this was not, in fact, a real job. She was crushed. Fortunately, that same year she discovered a passion for all things creative. Her new dream of becoming an artist came into focus under the tutelage of supportive art teachers and was fortified by a BFA from Colorado State University. Prior to Toolboxing, Cleo was an analog photography instructor, creative coordinator for a ski resort and freelance graphic designer. She enjoyed creating beautiful marketing, but she craved work with a purpose, clients who wanted to leave the world a better place than they found it. This moral compass led her to Toolbox, where she joined forces with do-good people for do-good companies.


Cleo is the newest addition to the Toolbox A-Team, and she brings her A game every day with an eye for compelling design, mad illustration skills — from the intensely technical to the elegantly abstract — and an abundance of kindness. She’s up for any challenge and ready to make a difference.

Passion Projects

Ceramics, backcountry skiing, hiking mountains big and small, and traveling to new places specifically to try the food.

Spiritual Cheerleader
Funkmeister General
Account Ally and Wordsmith
Bean Master
Design Conquistador
Communication Catalyst
Design Sherpa
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