Jonathan Hamilton

Design Druid

Born to two artist parents, Jonathan has graphic design in his blood. In high school, he would occasionally skip classes just to be in the art room. To this day, no piece of paper within arm’s reach is safe from his logo and character sketches. Jonathan gained a healthy appreciation for both critical thinking and winter while attending college in Montana for philosophy. Though Fort Collins requires less vigilance in the winter department, his big-picture reasoning and artistic skill are in full effect at Toolbox.


Part designer, part philosopher, Jonathan is the contemplative one on the Toolbox A-Team. He enjoys illustration, logo creation and the metaphysics behind brand building. He helps put the creative in Toolbox Creative by constantly finding inspiration and devising innovative design solutions for clients. And if you ever find yourself trapped in a puzzle room, Jonathan is the only cavalry you’ll need.

Passion Projects

Vintage watch collecting, reading, debating philosophy

Spiritual Cheerleader
Funkmeister General
Account Ally and Wordsmith
Bean Master
Design Conquistador
Design Druid
Biz Dev Goddess
Lead Generation Legend
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