Paul Lukes Toolbox Creative
Paul Lukes Toolbox Creative

Kimberly Sevilla

Head of Schmoozing

Kimberly learned a lot from her high school summer job as a whitewater rafting guide. Namely, being stuck in a boat with six strangers is a great way to learn how to talk to people and earn their trust. That skillset, plus her thirst for learning new things, has fueled an exhilarating professional arc. She double majored in chemistry and biology and worked in genetic engineering. She attended the Fashion Institute of Technology and had a career in clothing design. She signed on with a 3D imaging company and traveled the world as its creative director. She opened and ran her own flower shop. Then Kimberly discovered sales, where she could bring all her expertise to the table for herself and her clients.


Kimberly makes connections, creates win-win scenarios and builds long-term relationships between tech innovators and Team Toolbox. She’s our ambassador, the first voice many of our clients hear — though what most remember isn’t her voice, but how well she listens. When she’s not making business-to-business love connections, Kimberly delights in the marvelous mayhem of her household: one husband, two teenagers and eight chickens. She thrives on the energy of the Big Apple and the power of the Great Outdoors in equal measure. And she’s always looking for her next adventure.

Passion Projects

Gardening, teaching children and young adults how to grow their own food and become self-sufficient, volunteering for the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts

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