Michelle Venus

Biz Dev Goddess

Michelle got her degree in Fashion Marketing at Fashion Institute of Technology. Her college job was serving beer and hot dogs at Madison Square Garden, where she was once stuck in stalled elevator filled with professional wrestlers, including Andre the Giant, and fell in love with a clown from Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus. Alas, that relationship was fleeting, but she did learn how all those clowns fit in the car. It was at FIT she discovered that the Devil, indeed, wears Prada and knew the fashion industry wasn’t for her. She found herself gravitating toward design firms (when people still used Letraset and Pantone paper), commercial production companies and post-production facilities. Once she landed in Colorado, Michelle worked for marketing and branding firms in Denver and Fort Collins. She loves how a strong brand tells a compelling story, and is always on the lookout for companies that need the Toolbox touch.


It’s all about relationships. Michelle scopes out good-fit companies and puts the puzzle pieces together. It’s corporate community building at its finest. Equal parts detective, diviner and listener, she brings in the business that keeps Toolbox humming. She loves tooting the Toolbox horn and helping companies find their best selves through branding, positioning and messaging.

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Biz Dev Goddess
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