Siena Dute

Lead Generation Legend

After shadowing her Creative Director father as a child, “helping” him design logos, Siena took four semesters of drawing classes in high school. But the analytical side of her brain wouldn’t be denied: Siena set her sights on becoming a corporate lawyer, interned at a court and headed off to Colorado State University. Then she took a marketing class. That was it — she’d found the field that would give her the right-brain + left-brain rush she craved. Siena is now enrolled in a graduate-level campaigns course at CSU, conducting market research for local nonprofit Partners Mentoring Youth, and is Toolbox Creative’s tip-top marketing intern. She’ll graduate this year with a bachelor’s in business administration with a concentration in marketing. And she still creates art for friends and family.


Siena puts her marketing skills to work at Toolbox tracking down new leads, organizing prospect contacts and coordinating social media content. She hopes to land her dream market research job after graduation and completing her internship. When Siena isn’t working hard at school or Toolbox, you can find the Colorado native enjoying the trails around Fort Collins, practicing yoga, seeking out live music and spending time with friends.

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