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Our audience was twofold: the Database Admins who wanted their nights and weekends back, and the CIOs, who wanted more time to implement cool technology. 

Containers as a Service (CaaS)
Instance Mobility from Any Host to Any Host Anywhere

DH2i is the leading provider of server application virtualization solutions. Their software products provide a unified operational model that orchestrates SQL Server management, high availability (HA), and disaster recovery (DR) across heterogeneous physical and virtual infrastructures. DxConsole and DxHADR provide individual instance mobility and policy-based monitoring, intelligently automating IT operations and maintaining required performance and availability SLAs. 

DH2i’s software solution features:

  • Guarantees access through failover automation
  • Supports all versions/editions of SQL and OS
  • Elminates need for complicated MS clustering
  • Minimizes planned outages
  • Safely stack instances and buy fewer licenses

Those are impressive features for sure, and definitely something DBAs and IT guys can nerd out about. Our challenge was to create an infographic and website that clearly demonstrates the product features (no small task), but more importantly articulates the very real benefits to DH2i’s potential customers. Here’s how we did it:

DH2i infographic design, toolbox creative. Fort Collins
A Tale of Two Datacenters

It became clear to us early on in the process that DH2i’s datacenter management solution was so revolutionary it may appear too good to be true. Rather than making bold statements with no proof to back them up, we decided to illustrate a side-by-side comparison between a typical datacenter and one powered by DH2i. 

Typical datacenters spend 70% of their time performing maintenance and 30% of their time innovating. That’s too much time putting out fires (often on nights and weekends). We created brand messaging for DH2i that lets IT pros know it doesn’t have to be that way. Less time maintaining means more time innovating, and we all know that’s what they love doing. 

View the full DH2i infographic here

Breaking the Chains of Windows Datacenter Complexity

For the DH2i website, we boiled reams of complex solutions and technical data down to one concept: freedom. Freedom from overwhelming licensing costs. Freedom from Windows complexity. And most importantly, the freedom to innovate.

Supporting the Sales Engineers

Our challenge was not to create a web identity and sales materials that closed the deal, but to create compelling messaging to pique the interest of a potential customer and warm them up to speaking with a sales engineer.

The container revolution is in full swing. Datacenters around the world are declaring their independence and DH2i is fueling the revolution. Sweet freedom!

Now that you’ve seen the website “after”, check out the “before”.

Our Process

MindJam/Project Brief

Research Phase

Generate Concepts

Design Stage


Project Launch

infographic design, toolbox creative, fort collins

Less time maintaining means more time innovating.

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