They hit us with their best shots

by Lulu Tupper

  • Posted: 8 months ago

We’ve never looked better

Team Toolbox has been working hard on our new website for months now. When the rubber really hit the road, when it was time to show ourselves and our work in the best light, there was only one company to call: Harper Point Photography

Harper Point has been our partner in crime for years now, for good reason.

Nate, Kira and their crew consistently deliver singularly arresting pictures. They show up ready for whatever adventures a shoot may hold. And they make the whole process irrationally fun.

For our in-house photo shoot, we gave Harper Point’s commercial photography specialists Nate and Caleb a mile-long shot list. Much of it consisted of two-dimensional print pieces, which, while beautifully designed, did not get up and sing on their own. Nate and Caleb incorporated textures found throughout our space to give every piece life, and managed to simultaneously capture the feel of the office in each shot.

Then there were the staff portraits. It’s difficult to imagine a more reticent group of subjects than us.

Our groove is making our clients look great, not doing our own little dances on the catwalk.

Yet Nate and Caleb had us all laughing, joking and willingly participating in no time. If it looks like we’re having a good time on our website, it’s because we usually do … and Harper Point caught us both in character and in our natural work habitat.

We could say more about the way Harper Point does wonders with natural light, finds interesting focal points and so forth. But the bottom line is this: They make us, and all their subjects, look great. Learn more about our friends at Harper Point Photography at