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Neighbor to Neighbor

The community-funded organization — dedicated to helping neighbors stay in their homes, regain housing stability and achieve homeownership — needed a brand as strong as their mission.

5,000 neighbors
served by N2N every year
N2N prevents homelessness for
500 households
every year
N2N prevents foreclosure in
90% of cases
A strong community starts neighbor to neighbor

What began in 1970 as a group of neighbors banding together to prevent a large family from experiencing homelessness has grown to become our community’s front door to housing services — helping more than 5,000 of our neighbors afford, own and stay in their homes each year. It was time for Neighbor to Neighbor’s brand to match their expanding role and influence in the community.

Toolbox started with an extensive Brand Assessment, including interviews with staff, partners and clients, to get to the heart of N2N and what distinguishes it from other community housing resources.

The transformation

Neighbor to Neighbor was in need of brand positioning and a refreshed look and feel to more accurately reflect the breadth of work they do along the full continuum of housing.

New logo
Old logo
Identity crisis

To take their organization to the next level, Neighbor to Neighbor understood they needed a brand and positioning that clearly communicated who they were, what they did and how their work impacted the community.

Toolbox oversaw a full rebrand, which included developing a brand hierarchy. We created a compelling parent brand for Neighbor to Neighbor and then organized a dozen disparate programs into three service categories, creating a complementary color palette and service icon for each. The resulting “parent” and “child” brands articulated Neighbor to Neighbor’s mission and capabilities, which greatly aided internal organization and external communication alike.

Language matters

Neighbor to Neighbor provides expertise and services across the housing continuum, from preventing and ending homelessness to facilitating homeownership. Its three service areas — Eviction Prevention, Rental Options and Homeownership — each assist a distinct group in our community. To facilitate conversation, Toolbox plotted those service areas along the continuum and developed talking points for each category and audience archetype.

This internal resource was designed to work equally well in two directions. For those who understand and support Neighbor to Neighbor’s mission, it gives N2N staff the language they need to be the most effective advocates they can be. For those unfamiliar with N2N’s work, it provides messaging to build consensus, educate and empower positive action.

The results

The rebranded Neighbor to Neighbor helped spark public support and increase awareness of their mission. As importantly, the process helped internal departments better understand each other and articulate their own voices within the larger N2N narrative.

Neighbor to Neighbor has been making the community a better place to live for nearly a half century, without making much of a stir. Toolbox clarified and strengthened their message, helping the organization look and sound as good as they truly are — setting them on a strong course for the next 50 years.

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