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Welcome to Toolbox Creative

We'd like to introduce Toolbox Creative in beautiful Fort Collins Colorado, where ideas run big and the deliverables always run on time. At Toolbox your graphic design needs are fulfilled and marketing budgets honored, all under the loving eyes of research and experience.

But enough of our yappin’, poke around on our site and check out what we do. If you like what you see, give us a call, or shoot us an email. We’ll bring you some cookies (or buy you a beer) and who knows, maybe we’ll make some beautiful marketing together.

Infographic | Moxie Exchange Movement
Poster | Colorado Brewers' Festival 2012
Marketing Mindjam
Bas Bleu Theatre 2011-2012 Season

Illustrating the power of women in business

The Moxie Exchange Movement is all about empowering women in business. We're all about empowering our clients with really compelling infographics. Read more >

Cheers to that!

The Fort Collins Downtown Business Association came to us to create this year's identity for the Colorado Brewers' Festival. This year, we wanted to create something that distinctly showed Colorado's culture and show off what makes Colorado beer so great! See the logo here. Read more >
Some really good ideas start out as a scribble on a napkin. But there's a big difference between scribbling and strategizing. Read more >

When friction and tragedy can warm your heart

Based on the Canadian author's own experience in the 1960s, Trying shares how a feisty 25-year-old girl and her employer - a crusty, aristocratic, octogenarian judge - manage to bridge the generation gap. Read more >