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Ageto Energy, a provider of microgrid control solutions, needed a website to work as a lead-gen machine, boost credibility and increase brand equity.

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COP = 2
2X more efficient, using 1/2 the electricity of today’s boilers.
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Stepping up their game

It was no small task to position the little-known upstart so customers currently buying from Tesla, GE and Siemens would trust their product to keep the lights on. But with a solid product, 100% customer satisfaction and an ever-growing global presence, Ageto provided a strong foundation to build on.

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Simply the best.

Our process started by diving in and understanding where Ageto was already kicking ass. In-depth customer interviews and industry research revealed one common theme: Ageto makes renewable energy simple. They under-promise and over-deliver in an industry known for the opposite.

Building on that one powerful idea, we crafted positioning language, designed a website and illustrated a Tech Explainer Visualization.

Small change. Big payoff.

While Ageto was calling their product microgrid controls, our keyword research found potential customers were searching for the term microgrid controllers. Ageto changed their language, and we optimized the site for the most commonly used search terms. The ROI rolled in PDQ. Sweet.

In Their Words
“The updated website brought Ageto’s brand and commitment to the web. The updated contact form has increased monthly inbound leads from 5–10 per month to consistently being over 40. The site has been easy to maintain, update and build out as our projects have come online.”
— Mike Murray, COO
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