Paul Lukes Toolbox Creative
Paul Lukes Toolbox Creative

Tyler Wolfe

Magic Maker

From a very young age, Tyler has been chasing his next big idea. Eight-year-old Tyler would sit at the dinner table, meticulously carving his carrots into little people with mashed potato houses. At school, his margins were bursting with doodles. He took every art class his high school offered — drawing, graphic design, ceramics, photography, art history — and is currently wrapping up a B.A. in graphic design as well as an arts and entrepreneurship certificate at the University of Northern Colorado (UNC). Every design challenge is an adventure to Tyler, a chance to discover and make something exciting and powerful.


Tyler was our trusty intern for only a few months before he became a permanent and indispensable member of the Toolbox A-Team. Whether hand drawing illustrations and logos, laying out complex documents or taking charge of the office remodel, Tyler enjoys putting his artist’s eye and craftsman’s skillset to work for the crew and our clients. In and out of the ‘Box, he’s always creating — surreal art, graphic tees and other clothing, murals (check out his 9 x 27-foot masterpiece at UNC), skateboard decks and doodles by the truckload. He also enjoys sampling coffeeshops, chilling with his cats, thrifting and getting outside, all in the company of his fiancée Jules.

Passion Projects

Sustainable clothing design and production, skateboard design, NoCo Artist Pop Up Night at ArtLab

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