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Toolbox is a brand strategy and creative agency for 3D Printing and Climate Tech.

We work with you to illustrate how your big ideas and game-changing tech will improve the world.

We distill complex technologies and build elevated brands — amplifying your position in the market and boosting brand love.

We create websites, lead gen programs, identity design systems and content strategies.

Brand Strategy

It all starts with understanding your technology customer at the heart, mind and gut level. What keeps them awake at night? What emotional triggers influence their buying decisions?

Here we dig deep and unpack why your customers love your brand, why they’re loyal, why they care. This powerful research serves as the foundation for all branding work to come.

Brand Strategy services for technology companies include:

  • Discovery MindJam
  • Audience interviews
  • Competitor research
  • SEO and keyword research
  • Audience and market research
  • LeadGen strategy
  • Digital and content strategy
  • Brand visualization

Brand Development

Brand positioning and messaging is developed based on our Brand Strategy findings. Here we articulate how your tech is superior, demonstrate why your potential customers should care and inspire them to take action.

Brand Development and positioning services for tech companies include:

  • Brand positioning
  • Brand style frames
  • Brand messaging and identities
  • B2B marketing
  • Sales and marketing alignment

Brand Marketing and Design

Here’s where the rubber hits the road. Well-informed, well-positioned marketing touchpoints generate leads and build brand love. Customers embrace your technology, and together you change the world. Sweet.

Technology Brand marketing services include:

  • Logo design and identity systems
  • Brand guidelines
  • Marketing and sales collateral

Engineering the brands that change the world

The future depends on how innovative technology revolutionizes the way we grow food, build our environment, power the world and provide safe, decent housing. Here at Toolbox, we’ve made it our vocation to use the power of branding to help innovators make the world a better place.

We’ve identified four industries where our work can have the greatest impact. 

Additive manufacturing is at the forefront of the new industrial revolution. 3D printing is not only benefiting traditionally technology-forward industries, it’s also revolutionizing industries that have remained largely unchanged for centuries. In a crowded marketplace, 3D printing companies need believable, respectable brands that are hyper-focused on solving specific business challenges.

See how Brand Engineering helps innovative 3D printer brands rise above the crowded field of competitors.

One of the most pressing business challenges today is how to make a bigger impact while leaving a smaller footprint. The Climate Tech industry has proven that doing good business and doing good for the world are not mutually exclusive — just the opposite.

Climate Tech companies know innovative technology doesn’t always win out over the big guys, especially if that technology is well-established.

See how Brand Engineering can make the difference between adoption and failure to launch for Climate Tech brands.

On the surface, Housing Agencies might not seem very high-tech. Au contraire, mon frère. Housing Agencies across the country have an incredible opportunity to combine human-centered brand positioning with leading-edge web technology to more efficiently help people find a safe, decent place to live.

See how Brand Engineering can be a powerful management and communication tool for Housing Agencies.

Great tech deserves great technology marketing

Tesla (the inventor, not the car), the metric system in America (and Burma and Liberia), Betamax — history is replete with examples of superior technology losing out to an inferior rival. It’s true that there are many reasons why technology fails. It’s also true that a clear, compelling brand identity can give innovative technology companies a competitive edge.

Our future depends on how we utilize innovative technology to revolutionize the way we produce food, build our environment, power the world, improve our workflow and take care of each other. Here at Toolbox, we’ve made it our vocation to use the power of branding to help innovative technology companies make the world a better place.

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