Our Two Cents

You bust your hump to build your business. We bust ours to build brands. Here are a few things we’ve learned along the way.

Can you explain that?

What Van Halen taught me about being an artist.

Stop, in the name of progress

Housing agencies are reinventing how they serve our communities. In that effort, policy matters. Process matters. Addressing inequity matters. And words matter. Here are four words that should be shown the door.

Connect with the next generation …

… without disconnecting the current one

Take me to your leader

There are three types of leaders when it comes to making decisions on creative projects.

How a future homemaker became an entrepreneur

I’ve always been a joiner — Girl Scouts, 4H, Candy […]

You’ve got to roll with the punches

What Van Halen taught me about being an artist.

The high stakes of low tech

Access to housing help can depend on access to digital communication.

Every thorn has its rose

How can design sprints help you address your business challenges? It starts with addressing the right problem from the right perspective.

The earth is going to be just fine

In this midst of a worldwide crisis, the earth is doing some wild and wonderful things …