The earth is going to be just fine

The earth is going to be just fine


It’s us we need to worry about

In the midst of the most significant worldwide crisis in the lifetime of everyone under 102, our planet is undergoing some wild and wonderful rejuvenation. The canals of Venice run clear and full of fish. Mountain lions roam the streets of Boulder, Colorado. Los Angeles is photogenically smog-free. The people of earth are faring less well.

Like our warming climate, COVID-19 is not a global crisis — it’s a human crisis. In the face of institutional failure and deadly social inequity, humans are taking care of each other. Neighbors are helping neighbors. More than ever, people are acting in the best interest of the most vulnerable among us.

Broadscale behavioral change is easier to adopt when we shift the conversation from saving the earth to saving our own hides.

Research shows the most effective first step in healing the planet is believing we can do it. So let’s make this Earth Day all about us. Us Day. We can do this. We have to. The earth will be just fine — with or without us. It’s our job to come together and care for ourselves, our people and our future.

About Tom Campbell: Tom is Toolbox’s co-founder and creative director. When he’s not keeping the ‘Box rocking, Tom can be found backstopping his beer league hockey team or playing drums for local bar bands. 

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