Don’t move all your eggs from one basket to another …

Don’t move all your eggs from one basket to another …


… but get moving nonetheless 

The right marketing mix is just that, a mix. I recently spoke with a tech company that had just completed their first full year of a concentrated digital marketing effort. They made a significant investment in an automated marketing platform, generated a lot of great content and got tons of traffic to their website. They also didn’t make their sales numbers for the year. Certainly, there could be many reasons for not hitting those numbers, but one takeaway was that they wondered if the shift to digital marketing was too much, too quickly. For this year, they’re keeping up their digital marketing strategy, but reintroducing some of the more traditional marketing touchpoints, like print ads and direct mail.

The right marketing mix is just that. A mix.

The allure of data

Digital marketing delivers trackable results. That’s good. But it’s not the whole story. Marketing for innovative tech companies is a mix of art, science and knowing your audience. The next generation of leaders, who use data to drive their decisions, love digital marketing because it produces a plethora of statistics. It is easy to calculate ROI for digital marketing, but you should resist the urge to put all your marketing eggs in the digital basket — because the current generation is still partial to the more traditional print basket.

As the above example illustrates, you can’t go all in on digital if your audience isn’t all there yet. It’s not “go digital or go home.” It’s “moderation in all things” — at least for now.

Digital marketing delivers trackable results. That’s good. But it’s not the whole story. 

Mix it up

Half of your marketing works. If you knew which half, you’d be a bazillionaire. That old adage rings just as true in today’s market as it did 100 years ago. While you can’t calculate the value of your logo or your tagline, they are invaluable parts of your overall brand identity, just as important as your more easily measurable digital touchpoints.

We created The Marketing Campaign Planning Canvas to help you create a strategy for your next campaign, transform your prospects into customers, and move you a little closer to that bazillionaire status. Enjoy.

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