$279.8 Billion

investment in CleanTech globally — 2017

$56.9 Billion

CleanTech investment in the U.S. — 2017


CleanTech job growth in Colorado — last 5 years

In CleanTech industries, innovative technology does not always win out over the big guys, especially in well-established sectors. A strong brand can often make the difference between adoption and failure to launch.  

FortZED Zero Energy Challenge Poster

Making a bigger impact, leaving a smaller footprint

When it comes to marketing for CleanTech companies, it’s equally important to explain the technology as it is to convey the brand’s values. B2B customers see the forest along with the trees and seek partners that will not only deliver short-term value, but also work toward the greater good.

The CleanTech industry has proven that doing good business and doing good for the world are not mutually exclusive — just the opposite. How CleanTech companies tell their brand stories can be the difference between leaving the world a better place and leaving opportunity on the table.

Marketing for CleanTech | Toolbox Creative | Prieto Battery video

We helped Prieto Battery illustrate their technology, cutting the proof-of-concept conversation from 90 to 15 minutes. 

We speak engineer

Engineers are B.S. detectors, and a lot of marketing stinks. Marketers make promises. Engineers make solutions. Marketers need to make emotional connections. Engineers prefer facts over feelings. On the surface, engineers and marketers seem like polar opposites, destined to an adversarial relationship. At Toolbox, our client relationships are proof that the two can not only peacefully coexist, but work symbiotically to put innovative technology in the hands of those whose lives it can improve. 

When everything clicks, our clients think of us as Engineer Whisperers. Though the end products are different, the way we build brands is similar to how engineers build things. We ask lots of questions, dream about our work, test and measure, crave accountability and constantly improve.

Marketers need to be loved. Engineers need to be right. CleanTech brands need to be both. 

Shining a light, leading the way

Women hold less than a quarter of the jobs in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and math). The CleanTech gender gap is a complex challenge that won’t be solved overnight and won’t be solved without disrupting the status quo. When CleanTech companies make gender inclusiveness a part of their brand stories, they not only build better brands and stronger companies, they build a better world. 

It’s our vocation to use the power of branding to help innovative technology companies build the future we all deserve, and we put our time and energy where it can have the greatest impact. We’re proud to launch WomenInCleanEnergy.com, the pilot program for a larger initiative by Colorado C3E to shine a light on the work being done by innovative women in clean energy and to broaden the pool from which conference speakers and panelists are chosen.

Women in CleanTech Toolbox Creative Shes In Power

We’re also proud to partner with Pretty Brainy to launch MISSion Innovation, an all-woman innovation marathon that pairs high school and college students to solve challenges related to sustainable cities and communities.

Read more about our efforts to advance women in technology.

Impact-driven, people-centered sustainability

Toolbox has a longstanding branding partnership with Brendle Group, an engineering and planning firm that helps their clients solve complex climate, energy and water problems while creating lasting impacts for sustainability. We recently worked to strengthen the brand identity we created for them in 2008, starting with an extensive brand assessment to uncover where they are now and where they’re headed in the future. The result: a refreshed web identity as bold and innovative as their head-on approach to global challenges. 

Women in CleanTech Toolbox Creative | Mission Innovation
Marketing for CleanTech | Toolbox Creative | Brendle Group

Check out our website design for Brendle Group.

CleanTech Marketing | Toolbox Creative | FortZED Zero Energy Challenge Tee

Read our case study on the FortZED Zero Energy Challenge.

Marketing for CleanTech | Toolbox Creative | Mountain Sentinels

Women in Tech

Shining a light, leading the way

 — by Dawn Putney, President & CEO | Toolbox Creative

Tech industries are innovative by nature, by necessity. The tech innovation I’m most passionate about is the movement to educate, empower and advance girls and women in tech industries. The Toolbox team and I are dedicated to initiatives that advance women in each of our areas of Read the full article…

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