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Smart water management is smart business
Metron Sustainable Lead-Gen Campaign

Water meter company Metron needed to position their submetering division as a full-suite smart water solution for mobile home parks.

qualified leads within the first two months
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The sales team is closing, but the website isn’t bringing leads

The Toolbox discovery process uncovered a golden opportunity. When the sales team got a sit-down meeting with mobile home park owners, they could sell water meters, installation and a monthly software subscription as a full-suite solution. But the existing website was not helping them make their case.

Our lead-gen strategy to get the sales pipeline flowing was to shift Metron from a product-heavy, feature-forward website to one that addresses the specific pain points of mobile home park owners.

Keeping park owners awake at night was this question: How can I better manage my most precious resource, bill residents more accurately (making for happier tenants) and detect leaks — all while reducing my environmental impact and increasing the value of my properties?

Illustrating the possibilities

Without a smart submetering solution, park owners are flying blind. They know how much water flows in from the municipal water main and do their best to split the bill fairly among tenants. With Metron’s turnkey water management solution, park owners get an X-ray view of their community’s water consumption. Submeters measure water use and WaterScope software tracks that use. Owners get down-to-the-drop water usage data for every home, empowering them to detect and fix leaks, bill residents for only the water they use and reward conservation (with lower bills).

We put the power of custom illustration to work, demonstrating how Metron puts powerful tools in park owners’ hands — saving them money, time and trouble.

A foundation for success

Before we put pencil to paper to visualize Metron’s new brand identity, our partners at Blue Skies Marketing conducted extensive keyword research and SEO analysis to ensure we were addressing the right business problem from the right perspective.

Search engine optimization competitive analysis and client interviews uncovered invaluable data on how potential customers behave online and in real life. That groundwork informed everything from our copywriting to website design and development.

We built it, and they came

B2B website design isn’t like Field of Dreams. “If you build it, they will come,” is not a a viable lead-gen strategy. But that’s exactly what happened with this website. As we were still designing email outreach and tradeshow materials — the day the new site went live, in fact — sales leads started rolling in through the site.

While we knew we were onto something good, the volume and immediacy of the leads was surprising. It was proof positive that potential customers were already visiting the site, not finding a solution and bouncing. Once we repositioned the brand and reframed the conversation, prospects found their solution and wanted to talk to a salesperson.

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In Their Words
“Toolbox really gets us, and they translated that understanding into a knock-out brand, website and ultimately, a lead-generating marketing campaign. They’ve been great to work with from start to finish, and dare I say it, fun.
— Charlie Prosch, Marketing Director
Tradeshow success

Capitalizing on the success of the website, Toolbox built an email outreach and tradeshow strategy. A pre-show email and print ad in the tradeshow publication helped build buzz and generate more in-booth leads than ever in the company’s 30-year history.

In the first three months following the campaign launch, Metron secured 110+ qualified leads. To date, they have closed more than 20 deals. That’s more contracts and more closed deals in the first three months (during their slow season, to boot) than they landed in the entire previous year.

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