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Prieto Battery

This visionary rechargeable battery company needed a way to quickly explain its game-changing technology to potential investors and manufacturing partners.

Intel Capital
investment awarded Q3 2015
with Stanley Black & Decker awarded Q2 2016
2016 Clean Tech Product of the Year IQ Award
Reinventing the rechargeable battery

Life and technology move so quickly these days that current battery technology can hardly keep up. While the electronic devices that power our lives get exponentially smarter, the batteries that power them have only improved marginally. That’s all changing with Prieto’s lithium-ion battery technology. Founder Amy Prieto has redesigned the rechargeable battery to charge faster and last longer — all while using non-toxic chemistry. When the product commercializes, Prieto Battery is poised to revolutionize the industry and change the world.

One challenge in reinventing the rechargeable battery is explaining the first-of-its-kind technology. It initially took 90 minutes to explain the ideas behind Prieto’s revolutionary product design. We know very few people who have that kind of time to listen to a pitch.

Translating complex technology

First and foremost, Prieto Battery needed an information sheet that explained the science behind the big ideas. We met with the scientists, listened intently as they scribbled on the whiteboard and distilled the most important messages the brand needed to communicate:

  • Prieto has invented a battery that is safe, has more power, charges faster, lasts longer, costs less and can be used across a variety of applications and devices.
  • Prieto technology is focused on all the three major components of existing battery architecture.
  • Prieto’s environmentally-friendly, water-based manufacturing process is highly repeatable, easily scalable, and very cost effective.
  • Prieto has taken a ground-up approach to rethinking the rechargeable battery.
Purely a better process. Simply a better battery.

After an in-depth and fruitful Brand Assessment process, we created a series of illustrations and a technology one-sheet that shortened the proof-of-concept conversation from 90 to 5 minutes. From there, our team designed and developed a website and demo video that continued to tell their story.

When Prieto Battery receives national media coverage, which happens on a pretty regular basis, the media outlets consistently link to the online video as the essential resource for explaining the magic behind the chemistry. Views of the Prieto Battery video on YouTube continue to grow, generating calls from interested investors and potential partners. Mission accomplished.

In their words
“We attribute our success in attracting top tier investors (Intel Capital), strategic partners (Stanley Black & Decker) and media outlets (Bloomberg Businessweek) to our compelling branding effort. And most importantly, we consider Toolbox part of our extended team as we continue to grow and evolve our story.”
Katie Hoffner, Prieto Battery
Prieto Battery
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