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Solidscape High Precision 3D Printers

A well-established brand of high-end 3D printers for the jewelry industry, Solidscape needed a brand refresh to take on newer, cheaper, hipper competitors in the space. They sought an agile strategic partner to help up their game.

Demand outpaced inventory of the 2018 launch of Solidscape’s S300 series printers
Google search ad click-through rate, more than 4.5x the industry standard
Solidscape expands reach by joining the Prodways Group 3DP family of brands
Bringing innovative technology to an ancient tradition

The production of jewelry has remained largely unchanged for millennia: a jeweler creates a model by hand, makes a mold, pours the casting and finishes the piece. The most significant change has been the use of 3D printers to create directly castable models — increasing efficiency, boosting profitability and empowering jewelers to create custom designs with complex geometries that were previously impossible.

Solidscape has been the industry leader since 1994, long before most people knew what 3D printing was. Solidscape’s high precision printers produce 3D wax patterns ideal for lost wax investment casting and mold making. The printers meet the highest industry standards in surface finish, accuracy and material castability while eliminating the need for post-processing. Solidscape patterns print with support material that dissolves completely. Wax burns out cleanly—preventing shrinkage and materials loss.

Recently, Solidscape has faced competition from newer, cheaper, cooler-looking machines. These entry-level machines offer a lower cost barrier, a nice introduction to 3D printing and produce good enough models—for when “good enough” is good enough. However, they fail to meet the needs of high-end, high-volume jewelry manufacturers. With more jewelers warming to the idea of 3D printing, Solidscape has a unique opportunity to convert entry-level 3D printer owners into their customers— for when “good enough” isn’t good enough.

The Takeaway
While Solidscape’s high precision printers were a perfect fit for its high-end custom jeweler audience, their branding and messaging needed an update to make an impact.
Printing jewelry perfection

The brand refresh started with an in-depth Brand Assessment, including a day-long MindJam session and multiple interviews. Input and insight was collected from a cross section of stakeholders — C-suite, engineering, sales, marketing, clients, potential clients and vendor partners.

Solidscape’s advantages in the marketplace were clear. Its 3D printer technology disrupts traditional manufacturing processes, optimizes workflow and quickly becomes the most productive tool in the shop. Even more important to groundbreaking jewelry designers, Solidscape allows for design without limits. If jewelers can dream it, Solidscape can print it — perfectly and directly castable in any precious metal. No other wax model 3D printer can deliver such high precision perfection.

In a market flooded with new 3DP options, Solidscape 3D printers are proven performers, trusted by high-end jewelry manufacturing giants and backed by excellent service. Solidscape machines come with a higher price tag because they deliver more value. The creative freedom and return on investment can’t be beat.

Showcasing the Solidscape Advantage

The Solidscape brand update started with tweaks to the logo and color palette, then gained steam with a multitude of proof-of-concept deliverables: case studies, white papers, one-sheets, infographics and a series of 20-second videos.

Making a big entrance for big results

To make the Solidscape brand look and sound as beautiful as the custom jewelry designs they produced, we created a sleek new website. Site traffic increased exponentially, and more jewelers were encouraged to visit via targeted email, Google and social media campaigns.

In 2017, Toolbox helmed the brand development of Solidscape’s most significant product launch in its 23-year history. The new S300 3DP series and its launch reestablished Solidscape’s position as the leading 3D printer in the jewelry industry. As a result of the successful brand refresh and launch, Solidscape’s C-suite achieved its overarching goal of being acquired by 3DP powerhouse Prodways Group.

Supporting sales. Sweet.

Long before putting pixel to page, we sit down with sales, understand their needs and engineer a brand strategy that shortens sales cycles and builds brand equity. As a result of our sales and marketing alignment efforts, Solidscape’s new website included a brief survey to further qualify site visitors. This little baby handed the sales department 38 highly qualified leads the week it went live — nothing to sneeze at for a highly specialized, high-ticket machine.

In their words
“The videos are so fun! I love the ‘ta-daaaa!’ moment. We showed it to the sales team and they love it, too.”
Laura Startzenbach, Solidscape
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