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Innovative thinking for advanced materials
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Carpenter Technology brand assets

Carpenter needed an agile branding partner to help illustrate their leadership position in advanced materials and powder-to-part additive manufacturing solutions.

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New collateral for a 131-year-old company

Carpenter Technology recently completed a brand refresh, strengthening the identity of its industry-leading manufacturing materials company. Toolbox was brought in to help carry that torch.

With a decade of experience in additive manufacturing, we were able to hit the ground running. Our first project together was a first for both companies — crafting a brand identity for a podcast.

Mission accomplished

When you’re headed to Mars, it’s important to pack light. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory partnered with the Carpenter Additive team to push the boundaries of powder bed fusion 3D printing in producing parts strong enough to withstand the Martian environment and light enough to get there.

In anticipation of the Perseverance rover’s February 18, 2021 landing, Toolbox designed both a print and interactive case study to celebrate the small but powerful role Carpenter Additive played in a successful mission to Mars.

Explore the Mars interactive case study
Safety first (and second, and third)

Carpenter’s first core value is the belief that all injuries are preventable. Backed by research showing the effectiveness of humor in delivering safety messages, the marketing team devised an attention-grabbing approach to hand safety. The Give Safety a Hand campaign boldly illustrates the consequences of not following safety protocol, minus the heavy-handed (pun intended), dry messaging that generally accompanies safety missives.

Toolbox established a brand identity for all safety outreach campaigns and developed a series of simple, funny messages to be shared with the company’s 5,000 employees via electronic messaging boards and T-shirts.

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Getting technical

In 2019, Carpenter Additive completed a half-million-square-foot Emerging Technology Center (ETC) in Athens, Georgia with end-to-end additive manufacturing capabilities. Carpenter needed 3D renderings for an interactive display at the ETC showing a variety of human implants made possible by 3D printing with their titanium alloy. With a few low-resolution photos for reference, Toolbox created detailed 3D renderings to illustrate the possibilities of Carpenter’s advanced 3D printing materials.

In Their Words
“I have been super pleased with everything I’ve seen from the Toolbox team. It’s fresh, and everyone here who has seen the work you’ve done for us is excited. Can’t ask for more than that.”
— Jonathan Segal, Global Brand Director
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