Lulu Tupper Account Ally and Wordsmith Toolbox Creative
Lulu Tupper Account Ally and Wordsmith Toolbox Creative

Lulu Tupper

Account Ally and Wordsmith

In middle school, Lulu took a generic vocational aptitude survey that revealed she would succeed in communications. Never one to argue with standardized tests, she then participated in a high school television production program, majored in journalism and went on to earn a master’s degree in publication design. Lulu’s most memorable job was waitressing in a Manchester, England sports bar owned by Muhammad Ali. Her most productive stint prior to Toolbox was more than a decade of award-winning marketing and promotional work for Boulder’s Daily Camera and affiliated newspapers. She brings experience from both gigs and more to the party, and she looks forward to meeting you.


In the Toolbox A-Team, Lulu imagines herself B.A. Baracus — focused on logistics and quick with a catchphrase — except she pities no fools, enjoys air travel and is rarely belligerent. Lulu is tasked with a few of her favorite things at Toolbox: making clients happy, wielding a red pen, ruthless organization, writing bon mots, and aiding and abetting beautiful design.

Passion Projects

Odyssey of the Mind, Scouting, constructing unusual sandwiches

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