Dawn Putney

Spiritual Cheerleader

It all started for Dawn in a high school graphic design class in 1981. With her first “real job” as an advertising typesetter, Dawn developed her passion for the printed word and attention to detail. Before moving to Colorado, Dawn worked with some of the largest advertising agencies in Minneapolis, including Carmichael Lynch and McElligott, Wright, Morrison, White. Yet it is her experience with some of the smaller agencies in town that helped her focus her attentions on design as a marketing strategy. In 30+ years as a marketing professional, Dawn has created award-winning designs and compelling, effective marketing campaigns.


If you picture Toolbox as the A-Team for creative services, then Dawn is like the character who gets the team into and out of all sorts of predicaments with minimal casualties and maximum style. Dawn always has her paintbrush on the big picture. The Mama Bear of the northern Colorado creative community, Dawn lovingly nurtures Toolbox and Art Lab Fort Collins.

Passion Projects

Art Lab Fort Collins Pioneer, Colorado C3E Board Member, Pretty Brainy Board Member, MOA Fort Collins Board Member

Spiritual Cheerleader
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