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Longmont Startup Week 2017

Helloooo Longmont! Thanks for hanging with us today, and thanks in advance for the delicious beer.

View our full presentation here. Additionally, here are the handy brand assessment tools we mentioned. Read on and ponder, download the buyer persona and buyer journey worksheetdownload the positioning worksheet and get crackin’.

Small Business Buyer Persona Read the full article…

Buyer Journey. Toolbox Creative, Fort Collins, Colorado, Tech branding

The sales and marketing integration roadmap

Mapping the buyer journey

{Part 1 of 2}

For innovative technology companies to reach the pure nirvana of sales and marketing alignment, you should first conduct a full and honest brand assessment. You can’t get where you’re going until you know where you stand — and the brand assessment process documents where your brand stands currently and starts to map out where Read the full article…

What's the best way to find a marketing agency?

The best way to find a marketing agency

Agency interviews: The most efficient way to find a creative partner

{Part 2 of 2}

In part 1, the RFP is DOA, I laid out my case against the longstanding method used to find a creative agency. In this article, I’ll cover the best way to find a creative agency, the agency interview. It’s as simple as the name suggests: find some Read the full article…

Debranding. Really, that's what we're talking about?


Huh, so that’s a thing?

I love words: old ones, fancy ones, new ones, British-sounding ones like firmament and whilst. I hate only a handful of words: resiliency, o’er, optics and some more I won’t mention. Good, bad or fugly—I always enjoy learning a new word.

Recently, while visiting a Denver-area location of our favorite local burrito joint, a curious new word caught my Read the full article…

How to find a marketing agency

The RFP is DOA

But save your tears, there’s a better way to find a creative partner

{Part 1 of 2}

Throughout my 25 years in the design and branding business I’ve seen my share of requests for proposal: the good, the bad and the ugly. We’ve played the game; won some, lost some and ignored others. Win or lose, it’s always felt like a Read the full article…