Lily Aspen

Expectations Engineer

Lily grew up in the mountains of New Mexico, believing herself to be a dog whisperer and air bender. People and personal connections were more difficult for this introvert, however, so she jumped into acting classes as a tweenager. A decade later, through no logical series of events, you could have found Lily in Los Angeles working as a background actor on shows with the likes of Sir Patrick Stewart, Tom Ellis, Craig Ferguson and Michael Sheen. This adventure changed her sense of what is possible in this life, and the path to becoming a project manager was paved by this sense of possibility. Needing a little more structure in her life than the gig life of an actor, Lily sought established companies with whom she could grow and bring more beauty into the world. Toolbox appeared from silvery mist, with hand outstretched and a warm smile.


Lily comes to Toolbox with an adventurous heart that knows even when you cannot see the path ahead, if you have an open mind and innovative team, there’s no telling the waves you’ll make. As such, it’s no surprise that Lily is the heartbeat of Toolbox, keeping our timelines in sync and circulating energy where we most need it.

Passion Project

Transforming a big, blue, 15-passenger van into a campervan, creating tiny watercolor paintings, clicker training her family’s cats

Spiritual Cheerleader
Funkmeister General
Account Ally and Wordsmith
Bean Master
Design Conquistador
Communication Catalyst
Expectations Engineer
Pixel Wrangler
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