Shane Miles

Design Conquistador

Well before he knew what graphic design was, Shane spent his free time sketching letterforms. A freelance gig midway through high school solidified his career path: Graphic design meant he could create art and most likely get paid for it. That sounded good to him. Shane earned a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from Colorado State University. He built his corporate portfolio working for the High Plains Library District in Greeley, then expanded his repertoire and got cozy with the community of Fort Collins as one of the co-founders of Downtown Artery — a hub for local artists and musicians — and PHOCO — a collaborative photography, videography and design team. These days he can be found frequenting the halls of Toolbox, sketching concepts, writing code and humming a tune.


Though Shane would never characterize himself as such, he’s the suave one on the Toolbox A-Team — charming, skilled and the only one in the office who can belt out an aria while drawing a superhero. Shane loves all aspects of design and puts them into play daily for clients. He’s also a sucker for a learning opportunity and thinks nothing of charging head first into challenges for the good of the team.

Passion Projects

Sheath Comics Co-Owner, Fantasy Premiere League, anything World Cup-related

Spiritual Cheerleader
Funkmeister General
Account Ally and Wordsmith
Bean Master
Design Conquistador
Type Whisperer
Biz Dev & Data Diva
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